Al Khalaj And The Youth Unfortunate Egyptian

By : Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqie, Pimpinan Pesantren Wisata AmLAM

Yesterday afternoon, on Thursday, February 18, 2021 I visited PP. Solawat Darut Taubah, long time no see Abah (KH.M. Adam Sinni’s nickname), every conversation there is always a lesson we can learn, noble from Sufi stories to his advice on the journey of life as a servant. I prefer listening to reading, let alone accompanied by a cup of panca coffee typical of the pesantren, which recently founded the Nurul Islam Bilingual Middle School, because apart from my limited (minus) eyes for reading, listening is lighter for me.

There used to be a Sufi named al-Khallaj living in Baghdad, there came a traveler from Egypt on foot to Baghdad just to look for Sheikh al-Khalaj, in a market the traveler asked several people about the figure of the Sheikh he was looking for, one of them pointed to to the middle-aged man who was passing by in the market “Look, it is Sheikh Khalaj, you are lucky that the person you are looking for is right in front of us”, as the Baghdad residents explained enthusiastically, the Musafir quickly approached the old man.

“O my lord, are you Shaykh al-Khallaj? I walked from Egypt looking for you!” As soon as he asked enthusiastically, the man replied “In fact, I have not found it for more than 30 years!” Shaykh al-Khallaj answered seriously by staring at the traveler’s face, hiding his identity as the most famous scholar at that time. With the disappointment of the Pilgrim left, while confused, exactly who should he believe, why looking for him is so difficult, and a gloomy face and despair from the Egyptian man left that noble Sheikh.

Just imagine, such a noble person, does not want to be known by the general public, he avoids the crowd, even if he “has the heart to lie” (for good) even though he has walked for months from Egypt to Baghdad, so that the traveler will focus on seeking Allah, not looking for himself. , Allah is the one who deserves to be constantly looking for. Being known to humans is not important, but being known to Allah is everything. Do good with anyone, even better to do good to those we don’t know, when I took the train in Bandung, donated 5 thousand rupiah to a tissue seller I never knew, at the same time, received WhatsApp proof of transfer of 5 million to the pondok account at that moment, so Abah Adam closed the wisdom story this afternoon.

Maybe it’s FB, WhatsApp, Tik-Tok and YouTube, which we are even sick of, so that we are “considered” by humans, so that they are known to humans, so that there is wisdom news that comes on my smartphone this morning “if you want to prove why the Apostle mengisyarahkan the most inhabitants of hell are women, so look at Tik-Tok today “. Hopefully we and our families don’t, wa ‘iyadu Billah. Let us try to know Allah, and be known by Allah, that is the most important, I close with a Sufi wise sentence “If there is still me, and we feel that we have something, then we are actually being deceived”, we are not, only Allah, there is none. that we have, all is khaq belonging to Allah. Good Morning Great Family! Blessed Friday ! Pray for us.

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