By ; Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqi 

Pesantren Wisata AmLAM, Wonosalam, Jombang

Lately, we have been shocked by the news of death around us, whether it be our neighbors, or the news circulating on Medsos, our close friend who is far away suddenly died at a young age. The causes of death can be various, it can be disease or accident, but all of these causes cannot be kept away from the “scourge” of Corona that is currently developing.

Friends, even though the image of death or the loss of someone we love very much is so real today, death is still a certainty of our future, it doesn’t hurt that we will also die, there is even a salaf scholar who said “our only future is the most certain. is death “. Death has been around for a long time, even before Corona itself existed, death has always been a mystery, especially for people who are afraid to face it.

Make peace with death, because he never refused to come to us, it doesn’t matter when we die, because what we should pay attention to the most is what we fill in the time lag before our death arrives, what benefits can we give? How much ?, What maslahat can we offer to this people, have we started ?. Again we write down in this paper KH’s advice. Hasan Abdullah Sahal, “Many people are looking for how to live well, but they forget to find a way to die well”.

Everyone will definitely be young, Corona or not Corona, rich or poor, hard or happy, famous or ordinary. Death is a reality, and certainly not the reality of “yesterday afternoon”. In fact, there is one narration in us, the Angel of Death comes to visit us 27 times in one day, just waiting for death orders from the Most Deadly (Allah), Meditate on it!

While still alive, do good, work hard, make the people you love happy, spread the widest possible benefits, if possible, leave the world and prepare for your death, because opportunity will never come a second time. Think while you are still alive, think as if your life is still willing to be “lent”, I close my personal advice with the advice of Maulana Syeikh M. Said Ramadhan Al-Bouthy, In fact, humans are just a queue to the gates of death. Good morning, welcome death beautifully!

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