Characteristics and Patterns of Education

Modern Islamic Boarding School of Amanatussalam Wonosalam Jombang originated from a wilderness located in a remote hamlet and village in the Wonosalam area of ​​Jombang, where the social life of the surrounding community on average is still below the poverty line, and has not been touched yet by Da’wah. Ikhlas and Tawakkal’s intention to continue preaching to the land of Wonosalam from the founder of the Islamic Boarding School who made dreams come true, with determination and firm belief that made the Modern Amanatussalam Islamic Boarding School stand majestically in Wonosalam land.

If later the Amanatussalam  grew and developed into a Large Islamic Boarding School, not because of the network, not because of wealth, not because of knowledge and not because of the great name of the founder and the Master of the School, but all solely because of Allah SWT’s help, the fruit of the Founder’s belief and determination Islamic boarding schools that have enjoyed difficulties and obstacles, be patient in dealing with developments, land clearing inch by inch, construction of School step by step, floor by floor, one building becomes several buildings which, God willing, will become its own School’s Curriculum.

The education process at the Modern Amanatussalam Islamic Boarding School will run all the time, teachers and clerics who have competence in their fields, the facilities owned by the Pondok and the surrounding environment, as well as the activities of the students will be an integral and holistic learning process. Besides having excellent programs, the lodge also pays great attention to small things such as manners when eating, manners when sleeping, bathing manners, manners entering a mosque, manners reading the Koran, adab to parents, adab to neighbors and the environment etc. All of these are important points in the educational process. It is hoped that the Santri will master not only Hard Skills but also Soft Skills. Santri will grow and develop physically, intellectually and emotionally as well as spiritually, and are expected to be able to live a life in a steep and winding world after leaving the cottage.

The cost of education at the  Amanatussalam Modern Islamic Boarding School is not expensive, it is affordable for all groups so that those who are not economically fortunate can still enjoy the best education at the Modern Amanatussalam Islamic Boarding School. We opened the Santri Registration earlier, in order to prepare for a better education process.

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