Habib Syamsul Al-Haddad presents the Maulidirrasul AmLAM Islamic Boarding School

Remembering al-Habib Basumbul And Sayings Until We Meet Again

By; Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqi

This video was taken about a year ago, al-Habib Abu Bakr Basunbul is the guardian of Sufism in Mecca, he is highly respected by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even though he is not in line with the Saudi Government. After hearing that we were going to hold a Joint Prayer for Ground Laying at the AmLAM Islamic Boarding School, he was very excited to come to pray for us.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be good friends with Maulana Syeikh Rojab Dieb, our Noble Guru, and always met when Sheikh Rojab was in Mecca for Umrah and Hajj, on one occasion when we were met by kamj teacher KH. M. Adam Sinni, he prayed for us with a loud voice that was typical of his character, so that we become rich believers who strive in the way of Allah, suddenly we all guaranteed that prayer.

Even if you have to use a Bib wheelchair, your enthusiasm never goes out of your way to fight and encourage those who are fighting in the path of Allah, You are not only a teacher, but an example for us, your finger never leaves your long prayer beads, your questions and statements. always makes us think more deeply about the essence of Islam and your role model will not be timeless.

Goodbye Habibana, sooner or later we will follow, pray that we will be as lucky as you are to fight until the end of life. Allah Loves You More Bib, and we are sure that You Must Be Happy with Him. Amen.

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