Habib Syamsul Al-Haddad presents the Maulidirrasul To AmLAM Islamic Boarding School

By Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqi 

The sky of AmLAM looks cloudy, Syahdu, like the arrival of a special guest that he longs for, since the morning the board of pesantren has been tidying up, starting from cleaning to painting the pillars of the ndalem kasepuhan where the nanny and Mrs. Nyai live, preparing the great guests who will come soon.

Habib Syamsul Al-Haddad and Muhibbin came to the pesantren to present maulid readings to pray for the pesantren, a group of approximately 15 people came from the shrimp city of Sidoarjo, East Java, the congregation who called himself the Ratib Council deliberately toured mosques, prayer rooms and Islamic boarding schools to pray for all those who striving in the way of Allah is given the convenience by Allah SWT.

In his remarks, the Head of the Pesantren expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the guests, because this Maulid Council had been waiting for a long time, because it had been interrupted for several months due to the condition of the pesantren which was not possible in the rainy season so brightly he was also present on this occasion Gus Maulana Ulun, SH., MH. Caregivers of Darut Taubah Islamic Boarding School and their families in this precious opportunity.

Hopefully hope and munajat the big family of Modern Amanatussalam Islamic Boarding School will be given Allah Ijabah with ease in a beautiful time in Sha Allah. Amen.


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