Heal Yourself With Almsgiving

(Kisah Nyata, Dialami oleh Penulis)

By ; Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqie

For several days my body feels weak, the peak was last Sunday, at night I could not sleep because of the very cold, in the morning I continued to clean the pesantren area as a regular routine, of course I wanted to avoid sleeping in the morning, because my late mother always said people who sleep in the morning Rizkinya “dicucuk pitik” (eaten by chicken). The activity passed until the body began to weaken, and the eyes were very uncompromising, we decided to pray dhuhur in congregation, after that we took a break, it turned out that someone greeted him at the mouth of the door, it was a guest from out of town. I also “forced” to meet him.

Alhamdulillah, since we moved to Wonosalam to establish the Tahfidz Entrepreneur Program, our AmLAM Tourism Boarding School has been honored with an abundance of guests, starting from Surabaya and its surroundings, Malang, Ponorogo to outside islands such as Balikpapan and Palembang. Parents said first, many guests were Rizki, but unlucky guests who came this time, I could not welcome them well because my health condition was dropping, plus most guests shared their problems, ranging from economic problems to Ghoib dimensions and of course I have to help Thinking of a good solution for him, this burden of thoughts added to my physical fever at that time, heat, fever, and the body felt very weak.

Long story short, I have been very weak for a week, sometimes I ask my wife and children to sit beside me to stroke my hand, it seems that death is in front of me, because I have never felt so weak like this. One time I gave my wife permission to force herself to become an Imam at the Putri Pondok Junwangi Mosque, even though my wife actually forbade it, when I said that I let my body go to the mosque even though I had to die in it, because the Santri must have been waiting for prayer and Bersholawat together for a long time, because only once a week I could only keep up with them, because I was mostly in Junwangi 2, Jombang, finally my wife heard my reasons, even though I just held the mic I was shaking. My God is sick, what am I?

I “painstakingly” drank honey and fruit juice, plus a multivitamin rationed from the Islamic boarding school and had enough rest, several times my wife asked me to go to the doctor, I refused, I tried to perfect my endeavors, and in the end we agreed that our efforts would be perfected for up to 7 days. If there is no change, we will take other medical measures by going to the laboratory and checking with our regular specialist doctors in Sidoarjo, although we still don’t go directly to the hospital during the pandemic season like this.

It was amazing, one day before our due date to the doctor, my wife took the initiative to buy rice packets beside the road along our journey from Junwangi to AmLAM (Sidoarjo – Jombang) to be donated to Abang becak and roadside sweepers, I still remember My wife’s words reminded me, “Who knows, with this almsgiving, Abi can get well soon and smile again!” I just nodded limply while holding the wheel, really my common sense which usually has been limp helplessly, I usually advise our students, congregation and guests to seek healing with alms, but this time I was really “sick”.

It turned out that Allahu Akbar, in the afternoon I fell down, the treatment was at the same time as honey, fruit juice and multivitamins, the feeling of weakness disappeared somewhere, I was like being reborn, my body was “taken care of” my son Mas Zanky no longer feels pain . This is a true story, it is true that this almsgiving raises disease, it could be that Allah grants our hope because of the sincerity of the dry police who pray for us, when we give alms to him, finally I close with beautiful words that I believe, If You Want Results Different and Extraordinary, So Do it, offer something different and extraordinary to Allah Almighty. Don’t Hesitate to Get Medication with Alms, I already feel it, I am cured because of alms, Good luck!

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