History of Amanatussalam

The Amanatussalam Modern Islamic Boarding School was founded on a plot of land in Kersorejo Hamlet, Wonokerto Village, Wonosalam District, Jombang Regency, East Java Province. Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqi, LC MFII (Gus Fahrizal). After attending Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor, he continued his formal education at Damascus University until he obtained a Masters degree. After graduating from studying, he continued his missionary journey and returned to Indonesia. At the beginning, the land for the Pesantren was still in the form of a jungle, but with Gus Fahrizal’s persistence and determination, thank God, the land that was originally still a forest was turned into a boarding school land.

As the successor of the Modern Al Amanah Junwangi Islamic Boarding School Dsn Kwangen – Krian Sidoarjo, it was actually very easy for Gus Fahrizal to have a career and rebuild the Al Amanah Modern Islamic Boarding School, but because of his soul and impulse to spread Islamic preaching, he chose to build and develop the Islamic Boarding School by himself under his feet in Mount of Anjasmoro, since 2015. Currently, the Pondok is in the stage of physical expansion and development with excellent programs, namely Tahfidz Alquran, Arabic and English daily conversation, Building Entrepreneurship character and Overseas Scholarship Guidance for Santri who intend to continue their education to a higher level at overseas.

Started opening land 

First Milestone by Prof.Dr. Abdussalam Rojih,MA Vice Rector of Biladis University Syam Damaskus 

First Step to develop Mosque