By Fahrizal Ischaq Addimasqie

Since we started pioneering Pondok Junwangi 2 in Wonosalam, with the blessing of our parents, Mr. KH. Nurcholis Misbah, we named our movement the Movement for the Synergy of Together Build Indonesia, Islamic boarding schools were not built and raised by themselves, mosques were not busy only with their own congregations and the Foundation was not only looking for help for the Foundation itself, everything was completely collaborative.

Sharing and congregation are the keys to the success of this congregational movement, all strengthen each other. This time the aid of 1000 soursop fruit seeds from the Indonesian Charity Box Foundation will be planted by the Management of the Insan Firdaus Foundation on the land of the AmLAM Tourism Boarding School, later this success should also be returned for the benefit of the people, indeed since we planted, we always share the harvest with the community and guests. Islamic boarding schools, especially for those who are also struggling in the way of Allah, liyu’allifa qulubahum, this is to strengthen the hearts of those who are struggling.

We do not only receive waqf, we also practice waqf, even our eldest son is 9 years and 1 month ago, also took out all the pocket money in his bag to be donated at the laying of the first stone of Ustadz Lutfi Nur Rosyadi’s Pesantren mahasiswa, bismillahi Allahu Akbar, all of us devote to this struggle. Bismillah.

Just now we also received Cat waqf from one of the Gontor alumni entrepreneurs. We plan to paint it for dormitories and mosques. If we all synergize, together, we will grow together big and big, then we invite all the big ones to help the little ones, the strong ones to protect the weak and keep joining hands, so that this ummah will be dignified. Hopefully. Tabik.

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