Registration Procedure

A. Terms and Conditions

  1. Visiting the Head Master of the Modern Islamic boarding school, accompanied by the parents / guardians of the Santri
  2. Pledged to be able to implement all Islamic Boarding School Regulations (Panca Jiwa Santri and Sapta Santri Obligations) and able to implement other provisions.
  3. Appeared with polite and neat appearance (short and neat hair, side view: hair does not touch the earlobe, back view: hair does not touch the collar of the shirt).
  4. Wearing the Hijab for Santrivati
  5. Meets Administrative Requirements
  6. Fill out the online registration form at: new-student-online-registration-form /

B. Administrative Requirements

  1. Submitting Photocopy (FC) of Parent / Guardian Santri’s KTP (1 sheet)
  2. Submit FC KTP Santri (if any) (1 sheet)
  3. Submit FC Santri Family Card (1 sheet)
  4. Submit FC Santri Birth Certificate (if any) (1 sheet)
  5. Submit a student’s passport photo size 4X6 cm or 3X4cm (3 sheets)
  6. Submit a Certificate of Police Notes / SKCK (if any)
  7. Submit a Health Certificate from the Doctor or Puskesmas
  8. Submit a stamped statement for Self-Isolation for 14 days