School Manager

Currently Modern Islamic Boarding School of Amanatussalam Wonosalam Jombang is led and nurtured by the founder, namely KH Fahrizal Ishaq Addimasqi, LC MFII. He graduated from the Gontor Islamic Boarding School and then continued his formal education at Damascus University to obtain his Master’s degree.

With the background from the Islamic boarding school environment, namely Pondok Pesantren Al Amanah Junwangi, he is very familiar with the life of the Islamic boarding school. “Since we decided to devote ourselves to pioneering Islamic boarding schools in remote areas, after more than 10 years of us have served and joined our big family to build Islamic boarding schools in big cities, that we really feel that what we are doing is nothing. Starting a pesantren is not the same as starting a school. formal, even in business, we experience many things beyond reason, so it is true that my teacher said: that the essence of our servitude (read: ubuddiyah) for a human being is to put his belief in divinity above the ability of the mind and calculating reason.

… one thing I am most grateful for right now is the opportunity, awareness, and hopefully it will become istiqomah-wiridan Waqiah after every Fajr congregation, Khataman every week, can help distribute alms every Friday and can help a lot of people if necessary. If one day this Pesantren becomes big and grows, it is BONUS, said my noble teacher Prof. Dr. Syeikh Muhammad Rojab Dieb, “Your lodge will have at least 4,000 students, By Allah!”. This is a bonus from Allah, not only did he predict this pesantren, many Ulama from Kediri, Jombang and Outside Java also predicted the same thing. Remember these are all Bonuses! Amen Bonus, Bonus Amen. Amen …. !! “he said.