Value System

In order to build morale and culture of the students, Pondok Pesantren Amanatussalam adopts the values of Panca Jiwa Santri as a Pondok Philosophy that must be carried out and applied by Santri as the Philosophy of Life in the Amanatussalam Modern Islamic Boarding School. Here are the Panca Jiwa Santri  as describes below:

1. Perfection of Faith

2. Sincerity of Charity

3. Noble Character

4. Excellence Achievement

5. Social Sensitivity

ponpes03 ahlak

In addition to the implementation of the Panca Jiwa Santri, the Santri have obligations that must be carried out as long as they become Santri at the Amanatussalam Modern Islamic Boarding School – Wonosalam Jombang, known as the Seven Obligations of Santri as describes below:

1. Compulsory Prayers in Congregation

2. Night Prayer

3. Dhuha prayer

4. Tilawatil Qur’an

5. Using Official Languages, Arabic and English

6. Reading the Book 

7. Maintain Cleanliness